Pearl Street United Methodist Church
Friday, January 28, 2022
We are looking for pearls for Jesus.

Welcome to Pearl

Street United Methodist Church!


We’re looking for pearls for Jesus.

In Matthew 13:45-46, Jesus tells us that the kingdom of God is like a pearl so perfect that anyone who finds it is willing to sell everything to own it.

Jesus also teaches us that the kingdom of God is within each person who believes in the Son of God.
So to find the pearl of great price, we are on a search for the pearls inside each person we meet.
Pearls aren’t made of stone. They are made from the body of a living creature. When a piece of shell or bone or coral gets stuck inside an oyster, the oyster responds by covering the irritation with “tears.” The layers build up until a pearl is formed.
When the pearls are harvested and cleaned, and strung together, they make a beautiful piece of jewelry.
Becoming a follower of Jesus is like that. Sometimes it takes a painful happening in life to turn us to faith. But as we build up layers of our faith, we become more and more beautiful.
When we are polished and strung with other pearls, we become priceless.
As people of faith, we are willing to give up everything we have for the sake of the “pearl of great price,” the kingdom. As people of faith, we are also looking for other pearls to add to the string of pearls in this church.
Add your pearl to ours. Let’s shine for Jesus.

133 Pearl St., Lancaster, PA 17603

Parking is available on Sunday mornings in the Slaymaker lot, on Second Street between Pearl Street and South West End Avenue.